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Karien Bergboer is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in art, graphic design and photography. With years of experience from freelancing Karien has a wide portfolio within visual communication. With her uniqe ability to create new visual ideas and to reinvent through custom advice, each client receives a new perspective.


She works within the fields of photography, creative concept direction, visual identity, content creation and film making. Aspiring to develop authentic storytelling that clearly communicates the brand or company identity through the visuals she creates. To achieve this she has a network of creative professionals leading  to fit each project depending on the clients needs.

/ Photography
/ Creative concept direction
/ Styling
/ Creative consultancy
/ Content creation
/ Visual identity

/ Film production


Curated / Intenzo / / EL'LEURE / IVY Hair Care / KATOO Fashion & Living / Ten Cate Grass & Fiber / PLUS Supermarkt / 

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